How does Google Search Console help you boost your Google ranking

How does Google Search Console help you boost your Google ranking?

Many of you might already be aware of what Google Search Console is. If not, it is one of the most powerful tools for monitoring how your website is performing online. It is picture-perfect with its ability to improve the SEO of your business website. Are you aware of it? If not, read this blog by the best SEO Agency in India and skyrocket your website SEO.

We will talk here about leveraging Google Search Console (GSE) to boost your website’s SEO. However, let us first have some fact check of how much you know the GSE.

What is Google Search Console?

As the name itself suggests, Google Search Console is a webmaster tool. it helps you in monitoring how your website’s search performance. It is readily available online and the DeroDigital SEO services recommend you to use it.

What does it help you with?

Google Search Console supports you with the following –

  • Analysing the performance of your business website in the search results of Google
  • Check the source of your organic traffic
  • Troubleshooting all issues related to your Google ranking

Webmasters are quite well-versed with the advantage of leveraging the Google Search Console. It helps in evaluating their site performance, diagnosing and fixing index, and submitting sitemaps for including your website in the search index of Google.

How can you start using Google Search Console?

It is quite simple! First, sign up for the Search Console. There is a Start Here Guide available. You can leverage it for adding your first property and verifying its ownership. If you have an existing listed property, you can add a new one with the ‘Add a New Property’ feature.

For reaping the major enjoy your Google Search Console, DeroDigital recommends you adding both your www and non-www site versions. You can also add and other country-specific versions or your business domains.

Is it easier to add your website to the Google Search Console?

Yes, it is! Adding your site to the Google Search Console is the first one. To reap out the more from Google Search Console, you need to invest in more efforts for improving its performance now. For e.g., if you want to attract more organic traffic to your site, it needs to be best at SEO. SEO is a mandatory need if you want to flaunt high with your vibrant online presence.

Why should Google Search Console be your mate?

Google Search Console should be your mate in your online journey for the following reasons –

–        It helps you in understanding how the Google crawls and starts indexing your site in the search results

–        It helps highlight those webpages from your site that are tracking better search results

–        It facilitates you in sending new content to Google so that it can index it out

–        It helps you diagnose and fix the index and any issues related to your organic traffic

Few Best Practices for Better Efficiency –

Everything comes in with a label of a few best practices to follow for enhanced efficiency. Here are a few for the Google Search Console from the best SEO Agency in India –

1.      Rely on Site Maps –

Sitemaps is like a directory collating and indexing all the pages on your site. They facilitates the search engine for hovering over your site to discover and index all of its pages. It is therefore important for you to understand how to make an effective sitemap for your website and submit it to the GSE.

2.      Try it out with robots.txt

This is a file alerting the search engines about their target crawling pages on your website. GSE will not crawl on every page but only those selected by the robots.txt. it is therefore wiser to make use of this robots.txt to ensure that the GSE does not crawl on those pages that do not require indexing. Examples of such pages might be admin or duplicate pages.

3.      Did you check optimising your pages for mobile?

Today, the world is of handy devices and if your pages are not optimised to its requirements, you are far back in your online journey. Therefore, keep frequent check-ins with your site pages for optimising them aptly to be mobile-friendly. You can do so by leveraging it with a responsive design and a mobile-friendly theme. Plugins such as WPTouch can be a great helping hand as well.

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4.      Check if your data is well-structured or not

We all like to be disciplined right? Similar is the case with the Google Search Console and therefore DeroDigital suggests you to have structured data for your web content. This helps the search engines to understand the content of your website in a better way. The search engine can then help you in presenting this data in the form of rich snippets. Rich snippets are another fantastic tool for landing on your site as many times as the clicks to it are made.

5.      Check the speed and security of your website

Optimising your website both for speed and security is quite essential today. People are impatient with their search and ignore websites that are quite slow. Also, they are becoming more and more conscious about their online security. You can optimise the speed of your website with the help of a caching plugin and optimising images. A content delivery network also works wonders. For optimising the security of your website, you can try using an SSL certificate. A security plugin such as Sucuri, and hosting your website on a secured server are other options for you.

So, these are some of the tips and tricks about how Google Search Engine can help you improve the SEO of your website. Get in touch with Dero Digital today to enhance the search engine optimisation of your website at affordable prices. We have an in-house expert team to do things right for you in a professional way.  

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